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DNA vaccine immunology and vaccine pioneered new areas of study, proposed a new concept. The biggest advantage is that multiple antigens can be carried by plasmid genes together constitute a multivalent vaccine or relative first and second generation vaccines, DNA immunization is more secure and stable. DNA immunization and virus similar to natural infection process, induce a strong immune response. In addition, its short production cycle, use and storage of transport convenient, easy to expand the applications.

Now, bird flu is a place where people scared of the topic. World Health Organization (WTO) that the current global outbreak of bird flu is in the early stage, a new virus that can cause human disease subtypes are quietly spread, but so far has not caused the spread between people and spread. According to statistics, as of July 4, 2006, 229 cases of patients worldwide have suffered bird flu, which has killed 131 people, the death rate was 57%, and the incidence in men is relatively low. In these patients, except for one exception, the other routes of infection spread by birds.

World Health Organization noted that the highly pathogenic avian influenza mutates easily, and potentially cause a human influenza pandemic. Once the virus broke through the crowd of immune defense, evolved into a highly pathogenic human influenza viruses, will result in a large number of infections and deaths. Effective vaccine is the rapid establishment of population immunity barrier, blocking the spread of influenza, reduce and effective means of reducing the harm. Therefore, countries are stepping up the development of human vaccines to fight flu crisis is imminent.

Considerable market potential for influenza vaccine
Experts believe that if they want to avoid the bird flu virus to human caused disaster, you must develop effective drugs or vaccines to prevent bird flu spread in humans, which is against human influenza viruses expected to only way out.

To successfully developed a vaccine effective against avian flu is something quite difficult, because the virus is about far more than the speed of progress in vaccine development. In 1957, when large outbreaks of influenza, the virus only had 4 months to spread quickly in Asia, and in the next 2 months then further spread to the world. Therefore, we can say that within a short time To identify the following possible reasons for large-scale epidemic diseases, the successful development of effective vaccines and scaling up production is almost unlikely thing. Especially from 1957, became airborne transmission of influenza viruses a way, which brought the timely development of an effective vaccine difficult. For all these reasons led to more than 40 countries, including Switzerland conscious storage oseltamivir phosphate, Roche (Tamiflu, Tamiflu), including antiviral drugs as soon as an outbreak of bird flu in its short-term treatment.

Despite the development of difficulties, but the vaccine to prevent influenza outbreak is still the most effective way. To meet the popular demand for the early, more than 20 countries worldwide have joined the influenza vaccine research and development among developing countries and most of them are all based on the H5N1 virus. In 2005, the global influenza vaccine market size up to 16 billion. It is estimated that the market's growth trend will continue. According to a recent Datamonitor report issued forecasts that by 2010, just seven major pharmaceutical markets in the global influenza vaccine market is likely to more than 3 billion U.S. dollars.
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Dna Vaccines Against Influenza Yuzuo Vanguard - The Vaccine, Influenza - The Pharmaceutical Industry

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Dna Vaccines Against Influenza Yuzuo Vanguard - The Vaccine, Influenza - The Pharmaceutical Industry

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