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Bird flu , SARS, influenza, global Epidemic Control challenges, but also to vaccine development and production company to a huge market. In recent years, the global vaccine market has grown rapidly, but Medicine Market share has only 2.5%, there is still tremendous room for growth. The scale of the global vaccine market in 2006 was about 14.177 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 18% to projections, the global vaccine market in 2007 was 16.729 billion U.S. dollars, in 2008 to 19.741 billion U.S. dollars. The future of the global vaccine market is expected to maintain annual growth of 10%.

Global vaccine market concentration is very high. It is understood that there are around 20 companies were identified by the WHO as the vaccine manufacturers, the largest of five multinational companies is GlaxoSmithKline Sanofi? Pasteur, Merck, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, of which the first four major vaccine companies Sell In 2007 the amount had more than two billion U.S. dollars, which together account for about 85% of global market share.

Present, residents in vaccination rates still very low. To influenza vaccine, for example, China's vaccination rate of less than 2%, while European and American developed countries to achieve universal vaccination rate of 20% to 30%, Canada is to achieve a vaccination rate of 45%. With the recent changes in the flu epidemic as well as residents of a general increase in awareness of vaccination, vaccination rates of residents in China will gradually increase, so the vaccine market in China has great potential.

Becoming a class of vaccine from the market competition
2009, China's vaccine market size of about 9.02 billion yuan. The next few years, the domestic vaccine market compound annual growth rate of more than 15%.

Volume terms, a class of vaccine in China in 2009 accounted for 80% of the vaccine market is about; but sales of view, a class of vaccines in China only accounts for 36% of the vaccine market. Class vaccine market in China mainly by domestic production and supply of six Institute of Biological Products, its share of a class of more than 80% of the vaccine market. From China Drugs Release of Biological Products by the situation, there are very few private enterprises to enter the hepatitis B vaccine and live attenuated JE vaccine supply market, but as part of the Type II vaccine be included in the scope of a class of vaccine is expected to further a beachhead for future private enterprise a class of vaccine market.

In addition, foreign enterprises may enter a class of vaccine market in China. According to December 1, 2007 from the implementation of the "Foreign Investment Industrial Guidance Catalogue (2007 Amendment)", BCG and polio vaccines have emerged to encourage foreign investment in the industry directory; national immunization programs that were originally within the vaccine local businesses, "city" and its borders have begun to relax. Overall, a class of China in the future vaccine market by the monopoly of state-owned enterprises in the situation of the vaccine is likely to be broken.
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Rapid Growth Of The Global Vaccine Market Has Great Potential In China Market For Vaccines -

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Rapid Growth Of The Global Vaccine Market Has Great Potential In China Market For Vaccines -

This article was published on 2011/01/01